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We have over 35 years of experience in improving homes with our high-quality, affordable roofing solutions, as well as fascias and soffits, guttering, bargeboards, cladding and more. Our homes are constantly exposed to the elements, which creates unavoidable challenges that are essential to overcome. Fortunately, we have the solutions for you. All our roofing solutions come with a 20-year guarantee. So, if you’re looking for high-quality roofing, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


What are the three types of roofing?

Whether for roof installation, roofing supplies or roofing repairs, we typically work with three main types of roofing. Here’s our handy guide to each…

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is completely, or mostly level, and includes a slight slope for rainwater to drain from. Flat roofing comprises a single-ply membrane which has no joins or seams. Therefore, it can give you the peace of mind that your property is protected and that your roof is functioning as it should.

What are the benefits of flat roofing?

Provides vital drainage & protection

The single-ply membrane used for flat roofing is highly waterproof and protects against UV rays to guarantee that you’re protected all year round.


We have seen flat roofing transformed into a versatile space. Additionally, flat roofing enables you to easily install solar panels if you wish.


Flat roofing uses thermal insulation and materials during installation. This means that they are much more energy efficient than other types of roofs.

Adds value to your home

Whether you’re selling soon or are investing in the future, flat roofing will add value to your home.

How much does flat roofing cost?

The average cost in the UK for a new flat roof is £1,400 – £3,400.

Felt Roofing

Felt roofing consists of several layers of roofing felt installed between the roof’s deck and shingles. This roofing felt forms a watertight seal preventing leakage and excess moisture from forming. Building regulations state that a breathable underlay should be installed beneath roof slates or tiles.

What are the benefits of felt roofing?

Protects your property

Felt roofing keeps your property watertight by draining excess water and moisture. This goes a long way in protecting your home against water damage.

Energy efficient

The layers of roofing felt used for installation are great at stopping heat from escaping through your roof and keep air from coming in.


Felt roofing is often installed on low-pitched or flat roofs. This means that installation can be quicker than other types of roofing, and any repairs can be done quickly

Long-lasting results

Installing roofing felt will give you reliable results that you can trust for a long time, meaning that your property will be protected way into the future.

How much does roofing felt cost?

The average cost in the UK for felt roofing per square metre is £30-£50.

Pitched Roofing

A pitched roof typically consists of a sloping surface or surfaces that meet at a central ridge with an angle of usually over 20 degrees which allows for greater protection and vital water drainage. Pitched roofs are popular among homeowners looking for a more traditional appearance.

What are the benefits of pitched roofs?


Pitched roofs boast a traditional and classic appearance and stylish finishes. This makes them perfect for those who are style conscious.

Thermal insulation

Pitched roofs deliver fantastic thermal insulation and efficiency throughout your whole roofing system.

More space

Pitched roofs can increase and improve the size of your loft. This will give you smart and effective storage solutions.

Long-lasting results

Pitched roofs have a long lifespan. This means that your property will be protected way into the future.

How much does a pitched roof cost?

The average cost in the UK for a new pitched roof is £3,000 – £4,500.

Keep your roof protected with our solutions…

UPVC Fascias & Soffits

For a roof system that provides complete ventilation combined with being completely watertight, we recommend our UPVC fascias and soffits. UPVC fascias and soffits protect your home against external elements, water ingress, mould, mildew and rot. They also stop pests from gaining access to your roof and loft. Fascias and soffits both provide necessary functions to your home and without them, you could face costly and time-consuming problems. Contact us for more information.


Our guttering comprises small, thin troughs or channels that are fixed to the lower edge of a roofline. It provides a necessary function to allow rainwater to flow off and away from your roof to safeguard your property. Guttering comes in a broad choice of materials and styles including metal, UPVC, PVC and concrete. In homes, they are typically made from plastic or metal. Contact us for more information.


Bargeboards are similar to fascias in that they are both longboards that run along the lower edge of your roofline. Where fascias run horizontally, support the roof tiles and carry the guttering, bargeboards are installed at the gable end of the roof and run diagonally. There are several different types of bargeboard to choose from – square, bullnose and flat. Contact us for more information.

Why choose us?

Experience matters

35 Years of Experience

We have 35 years of experience, meaning that we are experts in the installation of fascias and soffits.

Which Trusted Trader

We are listed on Which Trusted Trader. Check out our quality reviews from real customers.

Wide Range of Services

As well as UPVC fascias and soffits, we also install guttering, bargeboards, cladding, roofing and more!

If you’re looking for quality roofing solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!